Coloring Services
Looking great has never been so easy!
Our certified color professional have the skills,Experience,
and talent to make you look fantastic.
We’ll take the time to help you choose your ideal look,
expert service to fulfill your goals and appearance.
Single process Color                                                               $85  & up
Demi Color Gloss                                                                    $75  & up
Glaze Color Balance Color  Used Only on mid to ends after base color has
been apply.                                                                       $35  & up
Ombre / Sombre Hair color                                                     $165  & up
Low Lights   Blending mid to ends after base color has been apply
to enhance darker side of contrast                                         $55   & up  
Corrective Color                                                                     $150  & up
*Price determined upon consultation*
High Lites                           Fine  Lights                                  $95    & up
Partially Foil Hight Lites                                                          $120  & up
Balayage /Sombre   Light face framing front  hairline               $80  & up
Balayage / Sombre         Full head                                         $175 & up
G Lights               Our Own Patent pending technique           $200 & up
Exclusively Only at First Impression Studio
Bio- Lites                       Cotton Foils                                       $175 & up
Creative Custom Tint Color    Multi Colors  2 or more Shade/Same level   
                                                               $100 & up
Tri Color foil                                                                           $250  & up
Hidden Color Top Only                                                           $80   & up
OLAPLEX           Professional Service add-on                         $30 & up
The miracle treatment that offers clients who uses colour of any kind
the chance of a much healthy, shiny hair – no matter how often they
change their colour. Find out more about Olaplex  
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For All guest with Non Col correction issues
Complimentary Consultation at day & time of booked appointment.
Guests with color correction issues of any kind  
Must come in before  service.  We need to see what we are really working
with before hand. A few samples of your hair will be taken for testing and to
decide what  needs to be done. We will then call you back to inform you of
our findings, and to schedule you for the services.

Consultations for all type of  color correction services are available
There is a $25 fee for testing and consultations. Half of the fee will be
credited toward the upcoming service.

Please note : Not everything can be fixed!. If it can ,we will do it. If
correction is not possible, we will inform you to what we think the right path
should be and guide you back to where you should be in the shortest
amount of time.
Prices vary depending upon
Length / Thickness.
Is your hair aging you?

Think fine lines and wrinkles add years to your appearance? You may be
overlooking an even more obvious age-accelerator: your hair.

Nothing makes you look older than having "old" hair. With that in mind,
here are 3 rules for hair that's "forever young."

Rule No. 1 --
Get the right cut

"Don't go too trendy, but don't feel like you have to resign yourself to a
super-short cut, either,"
"It's about finding the right style for your face."

Suggestions: Soft layers and side-swept bangs to lend a fun, youthful vibe.
If you have fine hair, cut it often to keep the ends full and thick.

Rule No. 2 --
Choose the right color

Whether you get your hair colored,
here are a few age-minimizers to keep in mind:
Choose a color that works with your skin tone.

Going too light or too dark can make you look washed out.
Avoid solid blocks of color. Brighten and add brilliance by using softer
highlights around your face and darker shades toward the back.

When choosing highlights, select shades that reflect light. Hints of gold
and flashes of red indicate youthfulness, but ashy blonde
comes off looking downright drab.

Rule No. 3 --
Use the right products

Just as glowing skin makes you look young, so does shiny hair. Go easy
on sprays, pomades and other products that can dull that shine. Condition
daily, and opt for products that are sulfate-free and specifically designed to
address the problems of aging hair.

Use products and ingredients that improve the volume, shine, hydration,
strength and color retention of damaged hair.

If your hair is starting to give away your age, or worse,
add years to your appearance,

Maybe it's time to rethink !

First Impression Studio
We offer the finest European hair color  and coloring techniques
including Foils, Balyage, G-lites and much more.
From temp to permanent color that produce basic to dramatic effect.
A great consultation is where it all starts,
and will help us to work together
to determent what works and looks best on you !

From the initial impression to the attractive final result,
We strive to give you the flawless look you desire and deserve.
Whether you want to go glam, sophisticated, or natural,
Trust us to make sure you look your best.
© 2020 First Impression Studio
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