Here a level system is used for pricing hair services.
This allows the you the guest to control
both the level of Experience
and the amount you desire to spend
so its affordable for all.
Women's Cuts and Style
Director Level - Women’s Hair Cut and Style….$90 & up
Senior  Level - Women’s Hair Cut and Style…  $75 & up
Junior  Level  Women’s Hair Cut and Style…    $45
Men's Cut & Style                             
Director Level - Men’s Hair Cut….                    $65
Senior Level - Men’s Hair Cut…......                 $50
Junior Level - Men'sHair
Kids  (12 years and under)    
Boys                                                            $25   & up
Girls                                                             $35   & up
Enjoy a luxurious shampoo and conditioning treatment
followed by superior technique in blow-dry styling.
Whether you want fuller, straighter, waves or
longer lasting style, We can help.

Senior  Level - Med/Long Hair Blow Dry/Style….$65
Senior  Level - Short Hair Blow Dry/Style….........$40
Junior   Level - Med/Long Hair Blow Dry/Style….$25
Junior   Level - Short Hair Blow Dry/Style…        $20
Straighting Iron w/ service                                 $12 &
Reconstructing Complex  Treatment        
Strengthen the hair, providing incredible softness,
manageability and shine without any build up .
A Hot Iron Treatment.

Price base on Length and thickness of hair
Wash and Style                                              $45
& up
Up-do FormalStyles
*On clean, dry hair                                                                  $65
& up
Full Formal Style
Includes Shampoo, Blowout or Set                              $90
& up
Are subject to change and may be affected by
Hair lengths, density, operator, etc.
Always Keeping up with latest trends as well as the old Classics
Please feel free to contact us
732 842 5733