Get the look for less when you book an appointment with
our training program.
Our Trainee hairdressers continually require male and
female models for haircuts & styling contemporary colour
and specialized services for our training programs.
Booking are essential and dependent on availability.
Please be aware that appointments may take between 1 to
1.5 hours (cut only) 2 to 5 hours (colour) depending on
the particular services.
We encourage our trainee to take their time, ensuring an
end result that is to the satisfaction of the Styles, the
Studio, and You, our Model.
First Impression Studio reserves the right to cancel an
appointment at any given time. Due to unforeseen
circumstances e.g. Sickness or cause changes. We
apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may
cause. With that said, we never had to up to this point.
Note: No show Models will not be able to rebook. We
respect your time so please respect ours.

For appointment please call between 9:30 to Noon for
model Services or email us below.
Consultation  a must.
Sorry No walk ins. By appointment Only.
First Impression Studio 732-842-5733

When you call please let the receptionist know that you
would like to be a Hair Model

Trainee Services Prices
Ladies Cut $25
Gents Cuts $20

Tint/Semi   $35

T-Section   $35
Full Head   $60

Photo Models also Needed

Give us a call!

Hope to see you soon.
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