What is Olaplex
and why use it
Why Olaplex?
The hair shaft is composed of 80% of a protein called keratin.
It is the keratin that makes the hair elastic and resistant to
external damage.
Once the hair is fully developed and begins to grow there is
nothing we can improve. We can only prevent damage.
Every time you do a chemical process the hair is loosing its
keratin. Disulfide bonds break up and some of them are not
linked back to its original state and becoming aggressive and
eat up the keratin in the hair.
These bonds splits up each day during styling with heat tools,
sunbathing, even when you brush your hair.
Every day disappear some of your keratin in your hair.
Disulfide bonds are also like the hair skeleton. When they are
not connected the right way the hair becomes unstable and
One can see the keratin that the hair muscle mass. In the end,
there is so little left of the keratin hair is falling apart and
The natural protein produced by the hair is unique. They have
tried to develop similar substances and it is the example
protein or "strengthening" treatment consist of. But there are
temporary bandage and you wash it out.
If you also have a hair that has been blowed, combed, styled
etc. then you have a cuticle that is weakened. It makes your
hair porous. Porous hair does not retain what we bring such
as pigments and all kinds of strengthening treatment.
By maintaining the hair's inner strength Olaplex will help the
cuticle to stay strong and hold in what we bring in to the hair
much better.
So what can Olaplex do for you?
By using Olaplex in all chemical treatments you do, even if it is
"only" a base color, Olaplex protect your hair and prevent that
the valuable keratin disappears. The hair will have a longer
life. You will be able to make those changes you desire without
compromising the quality of your hair. To strengthen your hair
and maintain your strength, we recommend that you use the
No. 3 at home once a week. This magical product also link
Disulfide bonds together that breaks apart each day. So take
care of your hair in the best way and by selecting Olaplex in all
your chemical treatments you will get the best conditions for a
long and prosperous