Rather than seeing every hairstyle as perfectly straight
We promote the graceful elegance and individuality of
American Beach Wave for more info call and talk to us
Texture Design,Perms &  Wave                                   $125 & up
Cream Relaxer                                                              $175 & up
ExpresssKeratin  Blowout NEW  60 + mins service     $125 &up     
Brazilian Blowout 90+mins
Service                                                                          $195 & up
Brazilian Keratin Treatment 3+ hours service               $375 & up
Depending on length and density of hair
Wave Curls -- Full Head Iron small curl set                    $60  & up
Reconstructing Complex  Treatment                             $65   & up  
Strengthen the hair, providing incredible softness, manageability
and shine without any build up This is a Hot Iron Treatment
Olaplax Treatment                                                   $25 & up   
With other Services only
As always it's best to talk to us to see what works
best for your hair type.

Length / Thickness.

Re-Texture & Waves Design

Texture,Body Wave, All types of Brazilian Keratin Treatments
Brazilian Blowout and more
Consultations for all type of  Treatments and Straightening are available
and recommended to see which system is best  for you .
Any consultation fee on treatments will be credited toward your Service.
Contact us now to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.
Brazilian Keratin Treatment
Through the use of a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex and
a proprietary polymer system, the Brazilian Blowout actually
improves the  condition of the hair by creating a protective
protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and
smooth the cuticle
Keratin Treatment
•Recommended for those with extremely tight curls and for hair
types that are medium textured to very coarse or resistant
•Uses cocoa butter, the most highly stable, concentrated, natural
moisturizer available
•Contains natural antioxidants and a special blend of amino acids
•Produces beautifully conditioned hair
Brazilian Blowout Açai Hair Care is an aftercare
product regimen developed for the sole purpose
of extending the life of the Brazilian Blowout
Professional Smoothing Treatments.

Acai hair care products infuse the hair with an
exclusive blend of native smoothing and sealing
properties incorporated into a proprietary
Brazilian Super-Nutrient Complex. This complex
allows for a continual and cumulative smoothing
effect to occur while the hair is washed and
styled in between professional treatments.

The end result is smooth, healthy, frizz-free hair
with radiant shine!


We always want what we don't have. Women with curly hair want
straight hair and vice versa.
Well now you can have what you've always wanted, without
damaging your hair!
Yes, perms are back - better than ever!
The word "perm" used to mean tight, poodle curls, hair solutions that
damaged your hair and scary metal rods and rollers.

Beach Body Wave
What is it ? A new take on the horrid old "perm". It's a loose body
wave and gives hair movement and volume.
How does it work? It depends on the natural texture and condition of
the hair. If the hair is dead-straight, large curls are done to create a
soft, natural wave. If the hair already has a slight wave, the natural
curl is emphasised by focusing on the bottom layers of the hair. This
is all achieved with large rollers and strong setting solution.
What hair types are (most) suitable? Those with healthy hair who are
looking for a little bit of oomph, or those with the kind of limp hair
that just sits there.

Which hair types are not suitable? Anyone with bleached,
overcolored hair.
How long does it take? Usually around two and a half hours.
How much does it cost? From $125 & up.
The Brazilian Keratin Treatment is different from Japanese
straightening and other straighteners because it doesn't
completely straighten the hair. The hair still has volume and
body and can still be worn a bit wavy. The Brazilian just softens
up to 80% whatever curl or wave you have. If the hair is air
dried without a blow dryer, it will still have lose softer waves
then you started with before the treatment. On the flip side, if
you want to blow dry your hair straight, you can do that with a
brush, in a fraction of the amount of time it would have taken
without the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. Also, with some other
methods, there is a line of demarcation, meaning that when
new hair grows in, it is curly/ wavy while the rest of the hair is
straight. This method washes away with time and is diffused, so
there is no noticeable difference between new hair and treated
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