The Institut Esthederm Facial Diagnosis
A Personalized analysis for a costumized prescription in
cabin and at home.

Diagnosis consists of:
- Visible symptoms
- Internal deficiencies
- Costumer's daily environment
- Costumer's objectives

Institut Esthederm
Exclusive Treatment Menu

Intensive Rebalancing treatment

Intensive Aqua:
long lasting hydration & comfort.

Intensive Calm:
Soothing gentle treatment - long lasting releif.

Pure Intensive:   
Purity care, matte finish, invisible pores.

Fall - Winter Cocoon treatment.
Comfort, nutrition and revitalization.
Softness, radiance and regeneration.
This seasonal treatment offsets the discomfort
associated with aggressive winter weather
and strengthens the barrier function.
warm cocoon mask.

Esthelift treatment
contours are redefined, skin regains its "plumpness"
fine lines and wrincles smoothened out.

A gentle peeling designed to give instant radiance,
renewal of the skin, in-dept and surface results.

Vitamin A treatment:
Wrinkles, deep wrinkles, recent scars and irregular texture.

Vitamin C treatment:
Pigmentation spots, luminousity and radiance,
fine lines & wrinkles.

Calming biomimetic treatment:
comforts and soothe sensitive and reactive skin.

Active Repair treatment:
and anti aging treatment that focuses on:
wrinkles, dull complexion & irregular skin texture.

Cyclo Repair treatment

focuses on sagging skin, hormonal aging,
deep wrinkles & lack of firmness.

Clarity treatment:
Focuses on pigmentation disorders,
wrinkles &lack of radiance.

Eye Rejuvenating treatment:
treatment care that comforts, treats and protects the  
delicate eye contour area.
($25 as an add-on for any facial treatment)
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Esthederm Retail
Price list
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Eye brows                  $25
Upper lip                    $10
Chin                    $10 & up
Classic Bikini       $45 & up
Brazilian bikini     $75 & up
Full Leg              $70
Half Leg              $40
Neck                   $25 &up
Back                   $65 & up
Arms                   $45  & up
Chest&stomach   $65 & up
We perform our waxing and tweezing services with
minimal discomfort, using a gourmet selection of
professional waxes formulated to soothe sensitive skin.
Please inform your aesthetician if you are using Retin A,
Renova, alpha-hydroxy products, prescription strength
Acutane, or Glycolic Acid.

Let us emphasize your eyes and shape your brows. Just
as the grey in our hair benefits from a professional
coloring, so can we revitalize faded eyebrows and lashes
to give you a more youthful appearance