© 2020 First Impression Studio

We like to take this opportunity
to introduce you to
First Impression Studio.  

We are a full service Hair and Skin care
Having been blessed enough to be able to
have had the opportunity to have a business
in Europe and USA for over three Decades.
Opened in early 70's in the US.
And in Europe in the 90's

We offer Hair and Skin care services to
Men, Women and Kids with any hair type.
We pursue our passion in a charming
spacious 200+year old house in Little Silver.
First Impression Studio is a small family run
Welcoming our Son Trevor on board as
the forth generation of stylists.

We are totally dedicated to the Finest Hair
care and Esthederm Skin care services and
products available.
Consistent education in Europe and US has
been our key to our success,
Our stylists are at the highest level with an
education from the Best schools
of Europe and the US.
The ability to work with a Global view is
priceless in inspiring us to do even more .
We offer a wide variety of services,
all of which place you at the focus of
our attention.
So we can come up with a progressive new
style that suits your modern attitude.
If you are seeking a new haircut, styling,
haircolor,the latest waves, Brazilian
straightening,facials or a complete make-over.
Let's work together to bring out your best.
And allow us to customize a look just for you
down to the smallest detail.

George & Siv